Overrated Games and Should They Be Allowed Their Rating

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Overrated Games and Should They Be Allowed Their Rating

Post by Eothr on Sun Mar 06, 2016 10:27 pm

Hello again, LaggSpike Crew!

We've all griped and groaned about games being underrated, sometimes because they are niche games, others because they don't get a lot of coverage, but what are your thoughts on games that, in your minds, recieve too much praise and accolades? 3 titles come to mind (this is all strictly my own opinion);

God of War III: given a slew of perfect scores, despite the fact that it didn't do ANYTHING DIFFERENTLY from its previous entries aside from get a graphics improvement.

Fable III: given a 9/10 in GameInformer, which I feel is a good benchmark reviewer magazine for gamers, has super dumbed-down combat, a laughably bad story, and a horrendous user interface for weapon & outfit selection, map traversing, online interactions, etc.

Mass Effect 3: While the entire trilogy is worthy of praise, it CANNOT be ignored that the final entry was a brutal death knell for many, many fans enjoyment of it. I still tear up every time I remember Tali begging my Shepard for more time before it all went downhill.

Should these games maintain their scores, even after enough bad-mouthing occurs? I don't know...

Keep up the phenominal work guys!

P.S. Rotom holds the Fridge Component. Rotom became Frost Rotom! (evil laugh)


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Re: Overrated Games and Should They Be Allowed Their Rating

Post by Challesist on Fri Mar 11, 2016 8:41 pm

Missed this my good man! we will tackle this monday and thanks again!

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