Craziest weapons (silly, practical, awesome, etc)

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Craziest weapons (silly, practical, awesome, etc)

Post by Eothr on Fri Apr 29, 2016 2:56 pm

After spending the past month playing Sunset Overdrive and Saint Rows 4, I was wondering what the LaggSpike Crew considered the craziest weapons in gaming, from a practical or awesome standpoint, to the silly or pointless. As a caveat, the Hentai Tentacle bat from Saints Row 4 is not allowed (mostly because it -is- the single craziest weapon)

From my own perspective, the most practical crazy weapon is the Lancer rifle from Gears of War, and the silliest is Link's Butterfly Net in Soul Caliber 2. But most awesome crazy weapon? The Coffin from GunGrave.

Thanks guys for all your hard work!


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